Data Sources

With the opening of company borders, the generalization of APIs, open data and social medias, value is not only hidden in the internal data. Growth hacking is a trendy area based on free web data that creates immediate value even before the product has been launched.
Current storage and analysis capacity have significantly altered the essence of data, particularly unstructured data. We can help you evaluate the data at your disposal: open data , logs, saas , internal applications, connected devices, social media .

Value creation often emerges from the crossing of previously inaccessible or partitioned sources.
Decompartmentalisation of data and datalake development are topics related to the management and sharing of internal data.

360 degrees approach is a typical illustration of sources crossing that improves the understanding of an ecosystem.
Decismart consultants are trained to crawl and dig your data at a glance in order to detect and test quickly hypothesis of value.

Like a chief data officer will do, we can help you determine which data networks to create in order to open transversely your data without jeopardizing current roles distributions.